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Pick and stick your style

A style guide can help save you from arguements!

It’s OK to have your own style, as long as you know what it is. Your best bet is to create an internal style manual so that your writing will be consistent and professional.

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Copywriter’s Guide: submitting events

Events wordle

Are you a promoter or copywriter trying to get your event listed with a major publication? Read this!

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Commas 101: The Hierarchy of Adjectives

When you have a string of adjectives, where do you stick the comma? Or, do you stick any at all? This quick and easy guide will help you.

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Self-publishing 101: Don’t Rush It!

While the world of publishing has opened up, thanks to POD and e-readers, bad writing has not gone away. If anything, it’s gotten worse. Even good writers fall prey to the “Hurry and Deliver” mentality – and may skip the most important part: editing.

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Formally of the Eagles? (Guest post)

Jim the Actor goes off on “formally” vs. “formerly”

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When quotes are “scary” or “random”

When should you use quotes for “emphasis?” NEVER!

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This food is Vegan Free!

Some people must believe that no one reads their packaging – or else they’d hire a professional editor before they printed their labels. I am happy to report that I am no longer eating vegans. It’s nice that products such

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Copywriting – you get what you pay for.

Overheard: “Why should I pay someone $50 or more an hour to write something when I see ads for discount copywriters all over the internet for as low as $2 an hour?” Answer: You get what you pay for. Let’s

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Punctuation is powerful

An English professor wrote the words, “A woman without her man is nothing” on the chalkboard and asked his students to punctuate it correctly. All of the males in the class wrote, “A woman, without her man, is nothing.” All

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Why you need a copy writer / editor

We practice what we preach. We recently wrote an article for an associate on why your website should receive professional treatment such as copywriting and/or editing. Just as you would want your site designed by a pro, you should ensure

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