Every fact must be backed!

GOOD copywriters do so much more than turn phrases – they must be quick on the draw when it comes to creativity and research, particularly in the world of web content. Originality is key, but as important – if not more so – is legitimate sourcing.

When your clients hand you your checks, they are trusting in your abilities to write fresh, original content that is well-researched. This means staying away from other blogs or unverified sources. This also means that you may spend a lot of time hunting down things that you already know, just so you can prove it.

A good rule of thumb: Every fact must be backed!

As most college graduates may attest, it takes time and training to turn out a mean research paper. Yes, they can be dry and lengthy, but with a bit of talent, a copywriter can turn such subjects into dynamic articles that attract customers. From floor coverings to quantum physics, the experienced writer can explain difficult concepts to the masses. With the advent of infographics, it can be done with a bit more finesse, and often a splash of fun.

We may not always get credit, but we do get the satisfaction of seeing good content and happy customers!

Copywriting for Direct TV
SEO article – Direct TV (link removed at their request)
How to detect counterfeit money infographic
Infographic – UFX Markets

Mélanie Hope is a professional speaker, author, and coach who travels the world teaching greater communication skills while making as many people laugh as possible.

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