Formally of the Eagles? (Guest post)

Don Feldes, formally of the Eagles


All right, maybe I shouldn’t be so anal. I’m looking at the front page of the Las Vegas Sun Online Edition, and I see a huge, professionally produced ad for the Pearl Concert Theater At the Palms Resort. The ad is for an upcoming concert by Don Felder, IMHO an often-overlooked guitar player and songwriter. So far, so good. The ad then states that he is “FORMALLY OF THE EAGLES.”


No, he is not formally of the Eagles. Formally, he was with the band from 1974 until their breakup in the 80s, and then again for their reunions in the 1990s. Formally, he has multiple gold and platinum records to his credit, most notably THE EAGLES-THEIR GREATEST HITS 1971-1975, which to date has sold an astonishing 42 million copies, including one to me. Formally, his ass was booted out of the band by Don Henley and Glen Frey years ago for reasons unknown and uncared-for by me.


Fire the &%$% yutz who wrote this ad, so he or she can be FORMERLY employed by The Palms, just as Don Felder was FORMERLY of the Eagles. Numb nuts.

That is all.

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  1. Don Felder, Formally of the Eagles, lives on! I saw a commercial with that exact bit today. Ha.

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