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Pick and stick your style

A style guide can help save you from arguements!

It’s OK to have your own style, as long as you know what it is. Your best bet is to create an internal style manual so that your writing will be consistent and professional.

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Commas 101: Independent clauses

Do I, stick a comma, here? I’m, not sure. I guess I’ll just, slap one in, to be sure. I mean, a comma is just a, way, to, show the reader, where to pause, right? This is where your editor

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The 8 Fatal Mistakes of Self-Publishers is now available on Kindle!

The 8 Fatal Mistakes of Self-Publishers offers a laser-focused look into how to make your book the best it can be.

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Commas 101: There are rules!

This is the introduction to a series on correct comma usage.

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Self Publishing 101: How to price your book

One of the most often asked questions by proud authors who are ready to enter the market with their first book is, “How should I set the price?” The answer, of course, is that it depends on several factors. What

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Self-publishing 101: Don’t Rush It!

While the world of publishing has opened up, thanks to POD and e-readers, bad writing has not gone away. If anything, it’s gotten worse. Even good writers fall prey to the “Hurry and Deliver” mentality – and may skip the most important part: editing.

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Self-publishing 101: 3 Reasons Self-Publishing is a Viable Option

Think getting a major book deal would solve all your problems? Think again. Here are 3 reasons why self-publishing is a viable option.

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Self-publishing 101: New series

If you are a new author considering self-publishing your book(s), this series will give you some serious insight.

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